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Where storage of digital media is a concern, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding creative options when it comes to packaging.  Although most people view packaging as a mere means of transport and storage, it has become so much more these days.  Packaging offers physical support and protection to products, particularly those that are considered sensitive or fragile and they also serve as a marketing tool, a means to display and promote the product they contain.  Here are a few options for memory card packaging that you might want to consider:
memory card packaging
Cardboard packaging
Cardboard is still the most basic form of packaging for memory cards.  They are simple, easy to design and produce and are readily available.  Depending on their size, paper quality and design, cardboard packaging for media cards can be affordable.  They can range from plain boxes to more complicated designs.

An advantage to this type of material is that it is recyclable.  On the down side, since cardboard is made of paper, it could warp if exposed to moisture or extreme temperature.

Blister packaging
Blister packaging are a popular choice for memory cards because they are quite flexible in design and use.  This is a type of packaging that is excellent for display, marketing an retail of memory cards because it allows for full view of both the product and its description.  Blister packaging may come as generic or customizable forms.

Blister packaging is also effective for protecting sensitive memory cards from dust, dirt, grime and oils.

Plastic packaging
Plastic is also one of the top choices for memory card packaging.  The advantage of this type of material is that it is readily available and is easily customizable in terms of shape and design.  It lasts longer than cardboard packaging, is reusable and very durable.  Depending on the manufacturer, it may or may not be recyclable.

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